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Three preparation methods of silicon carbide ceramics

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Do you know which three preparation methods of silicon carbide ceramics? Now let's give you a detailed introduction.
One is reactive silicon carbide ceramics, reaction sintering silicon carbide is also known as self bonding SiC. Silicon carbide powder and graphite powder are mixed and pressed into green body in a certain proportion, heated to about 1650 degrees, and formed by gas phase reaction with C.
The other is hot pressing SiC ceramics. Although the temperature above 2000 ℃ and the pressure above 350Mpa can make the pure SiC hot pressed, the method of adding additives is usually used. There are two kinds of hot pressing additives: one is to form liquid phase with impurities in silicon carbide, and the other is to form solid solution with SiC and reduce grain boundary to promote sintering.
The third is atmospheric pressure silicon carbide ceramics. Pressureless sintered silicon carbide is also named pressureless sintered silicon carbide. High purity and high density silicon carbide ceramics are produced when the sintering temperature is above 2100 ℃.
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