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Effective method to prevent clogging of SiC cyclone

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During the operation of SiC cyclone, the spilled ore, old belt head, brick and tile may enter into the cyclone and cause blockage of the cyclone. Once blocked, the untreated pulp will directly enter the overflow, causing the overflow concentration to increase. In view of this problem, the small editor introduces the following several effective methods to prevent the blockage of silicon carbide cyclone, hoping to help you.
One is to install the screen on the pump tank in an inclined way. The size of the screen should be less than one third of that of the sand settling mouth. This is a commonly used and effective method. The materials on the screen are cleaned manually on a regular basis.
The second is to install the roller screen in front of the pump pool with height difference, once and for all, save labor, and is suitable for the occasions with many sundries such as stones.
Third, large diameter hydrocyclone should be selected if possible, because the grit nozzle is also increased correspondingly, and the general debris is not easy to be blocked.
In addition, once the staff found that the desilting nozzle of SiC cyclone is blocked, open the standby hydrocyclone and close the blocked hydrocyclone for cleaning. After the cyclone grit nozzle is blocked, the violent vibration of hydrocyclone may break the foundation screw, especially the cyclone installed at high position. Because it involves the safety of equipment and personal safety, the staff should deal with it as soon as possible.

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