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What are the advantages of silicon carbide cyclone in coal preparation

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Compared with other coal preparation methods, silicon carbide cyclone has its unique advantages, which can be summarized as follows:
① It has the advantages of large processing capacity per unit volume, high separation accuracy and low separation particle size limit, which can be used for raw coal separation with various washability. The unit capacity of cyclone is much higher than other gravity separation equipment.
② Less investment and convenient management. The traditional view is that the dense medium coal preparation system is complex, the equipment wear is serious, the maintenance quantity is large, the management is difficult, the coal preparation cost is high, and so on. However, with the continuous improvement of dense medium coal preparation technology, especially the advent of three product heavy medium cyclone, and the emergence of corresponding auxiliary equipment and reliable wear-resistant materials, the above understanding has fundamentally changed.
③ The small size of the plant and the compact and neat layout of the equipment make it convenient for the construction of the coal preparation plant to realize the scale and greatly shorten the construction period of the coal preparation plant.

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