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What are the functions of hydrocyclones in normal operation?

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Do you know what role hydrocyclones play in normal operation? Now let's introduce it for you.
1. Grinding classification function in the process of grinding circuit, it is not easy to get grinding overflow products, but when the hydrocyclone is put into it, the problem is easily solved. Compared with the traditional spiral classifier, hydrocyclone has more obvious effect in adding pulp concentration, reducing the size of ore particles and reducing the load of mill.
2. Solid recovery function hydrocyclone also has a very obvious effect in the recovery of solid. Now, hydrocyclone has been widely used in the recovery of fine crystals and metal materials.
3. The function of separating particles is to separate the particles according to the shape, size and density of solid particles, which is a commonly used operation in industry. Hydrocyclone can achieve this purpose well. For example: tungsten, iron ore enrichment, removal of precious metal impurities, water medium HC separation.
4. The countercurrent lotion is used to connect the hydrocyclones in series and circulate to dilute and concentrate the overflow, so as to obtain the liquid or solid with high purity. This function is mainly used in the production of starch, citric acid and cobalt oxide. Hydrocyclone in practice production use with you to share here, will bring you with the knowledge of multi hydrocyclones.

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