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Trouble shooting of nozzle in SiC ceramics

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In some special environment, SiC nozzle should be used to produce SiC ceramic products. The products include SiC pipe, SiC ring, roll bar, square beam, burner sleeve, combustion chamber, thermal radiation ceramic inner pipe, cold air pipe, thermocouple protection pipe, sagger, crucible, sandblasting nozzle, desulfurization nozzle, seal, impeller and various high temperature, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc Wear resistant profiled parts.
How to reduce the occurrence of nozzle failure, the following for everyone to introduce.
Check the nozzle regularly. This includes regular cleaning of the nozzle and regular inspection of the nozzle appearance for damage. In general, the nozzles of the first several processes (such as pre degreasing and degreasing) in the pretreatment production line should be inspected and cleaned in each shift, and the inspection and cleaning frequency of spraying in the later process can be appropriately extended.
Replace the nozzle regularly. The frequency of nozzle replacement depends on the environment, the composition of spray liquid and the material of nozzle. If the temperature is high and the spray liquid contains impurities, the number of nozzle replacement is relatively frequent.

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