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Characteristics of SiC radiant tube

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As for the performance characteristics of silicon carbide radiant tube, the following small series will introduce to you as follows:
1. Silicon carbide radiation tube products, hard texture, Mohs hardness of about 9, in non-metallic materials belongs to hardness materials, second only to diamond.
2. The strength and hardness of SiC radiant tube are almost the same as that of normal temperature at 1200-1400 ℃. With the different atmosphere, the safe temperature can reach 1650-1750 ℃.
3. Compared with silicon carbide and other products, SiC radiant tube has small thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, less thermal stress, good thermal shock stability and long service life. High temperature creep resistance, corrosion resistance, extreme cold and heat resistance, oxidation resistance, easy to make high dimensional accuracy products meet the requirements.
4. Silicon carbide radiant tube products are widely used in steel, non-ferrous metals, chemical building materials and other industries, energy saving, environmental protection, cost reduction.

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